Mujeres del Sur/ Women of the South Exhibition @ The Union HTX

Mujeres del Sur/ Women of the South Exhibition @ The Union HTX

The Union HTX is pleased to announce "Mujeres del Sur / Women of The South," a group exhibition featuring a diverse selection of works by fourteen contemporary Latina artists living and working in Southern Texas, representing the mediums of photography, painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, and installation. Presented to coincide with the Texas Contemporary Art Fair, this exhibition opens with a public reception on Saturday, October 6, from 7 - 9 pm, and is complemented by a panel discussion, date TBD.

"Mujeres del Sur" surveys artwork from leading Latina artists working across creative disciplines, in multiple capacities, and in a wide variety of roles within arts communities across the Texas South. As cultural leaders, influencers, and visual guides, these artists at once represent the broad scope of subject matter significant to Latina creatives, the challenges of inequity that many women face, and the means through which each artist has been successful in their respective creative disciplines and practices.


Lisette Chavez, Luisa Duarte, Jenelle Esparza, Tere Garcia, Julia Barbosa Landois, Daniela C Madrigal, Paloma Mayorga, Lorena Morales , Delilah Montoya, Karen Navarro, Stephanie Concepcion Ramirez, Xochi Solis, Allison C Valdivia, Jasmine Zelaya

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